Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

With so many options available, finding an honest, reputable smokeless cigarette supplier with good prices can be a daunting task requiring too much trial and error. Luckily, we’ve already spent the money to try almost every e-cigarette known to man and now we’re sharing our experience with you. Don’t waste your money on poor quality, overpriced electronic cigarettes; save yourself a headache and get started off on the right foot by checking out brands we’ve found to have the best products at the best prices.

We highly suggest buying electronic cigarettes from one of the companies listed below because they are industry leaders who provide excellent products at an extremely fair price… just what we like to see here at DSC!


V2 Cigs

V2 is an industry leader who has built their reputation on providing a quality product that produces a thick vapor at competitive prices. A big selling point for V2 is the lifetime warranty on all electronic components (including batteries). V2 offers a nice selection of cartridges and sells them at good prices, which is important because the cost of e-liquid can add up fast.

V2 starter kits can be had for as little as $49.95 for the Economy Kit. For someone new to electronic cigarettes, we recommend purchasing at least the V2 Standard Kit for $64.95 (comes with an extra battery) so you always have one battery available while the other is charging.

Click below to find the right starter kit for you and get started today!

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Starter Kits




EverSmoke is a top notch electronic cigarette.  Their e-cig uses the latest technology, they have great flavors, and they come with quality batteries and cartridges.  They currently have starter kits on sale, starting at $59.99.

Click the link below to visit the EverSmoke website.

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Look, Feel & Taste like the real thing, but they're not.


Green Smoke

Green Smoke offers a high quality E cigarette with a Patented two part design which produces the highest smoke volume on the market. Their electronic cigarette cartridges come in eight different flavors and five different strengths.

Green Smoke is great because they throw a lot of freebies in your face right away. They offer free shipping on all orders over $25 which is a great deal if your looking to buy an electronic cigarette starter kit. They also offer a thirty day money back guarantee and a one year warranty on their product.

Taking a look at Green Smoke’s starter kits you can see they offer an electronic cigarette starter kit for everyone. Some of the special e-cigarette starter kits Green Smoke offers include the Love Bird’s Kit and the Ultimate Kit. The basic starter kit is the Express Kit for $89.99.

Click the link below to visit the Green Smoke website.



Luci Electronic Cigarette

Luci Electronic Cigarettes offers a variety of options for the new-coming e-smoker.  They will rush you what they call a “Luci Disposable Electronic Cigarette” which costs $12.50.  This disposable e-cigarette will allow you to try one out before you decide to purchase a starter kit.  When you go on to decide to purchase a starter kit they offer four different types ranging from a basic package which starts at $59.99 up to their Complete Starter Kit which comes with a ton of extra goodies.  Luci offers a lifetime warranty on their atomizer and three different levels of tobacco strengths.  Luci is a great place to purchase e-cigarettes from.

Click the link below to visit the Luci website.

Luci Electronic Cigarette


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