Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless Cigarettes

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All About Smokeless Cigarettes

There has been a growing trend over the last few years; smokeless cigarettes are becoming more and more popular as Americans find out the real convenience of smoking electronic cigarettes versus smoking “real” cigarettes.  The smokeless cigarette, which is commonly referred to as an e cigarette, is changing the way Americans look at smoking. Electronic cigarettes offer a very similar and satisfying smoking experience to the user without some of the potential side effects and the social stigma that comes with smoking a tobacco cigarette.

While smokeless cigarettes feel, taste, and sometimes may even look like a real cigarette, they function much differently. With traditional cigarettes you are burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke (along with carcinogens), which is terrible for your lungs and can have very adverse effects. When you use an electronic cigarette you don’t actually inhale any smoke from burning tobacco. Instead, you are inhaling water vapor that is infused with nicotine. When you take a puff off a smokeless cigarette you activate what’s called a “flow sensor or atomizer.  The atomizer uses e liquid, which is a liquid infused with nicotine and a flavor that tastes like a real cigarette. Rather than produce smoke, the atomizer actually produces a water vapor.  No smoke is emitted or inhaled, hence “smokeless cigarettes!” By using e liquid in your electronic cigarette you can get the desired nicotine level without actually lighting up and smoking a traditional cigarette. Just imagine, how much better this can be. It’ s much less money, you don’t smell a burnt ashtray, and you can use a smokeless cigarette just about anywhere including many places that you are not permitted to smoke a traditional cigarette.

Now that you know smokeless cigarettes are far more convenient than normal cigarettes let’s take a look at the legality of them. In many places throughout the country traditional cigarettes are banned. A lot of states have now implemented smoking bans in places such as bars and restaurants.  So you can’t take a real pack of cigarettes into a bar and have a smoke in many areas of the country. However with smokeless cigarettes you can in most places! You can smoke electronic cigarettes just about anywhere that normal cigarettes are banned. For example you can use smokeless cigarettes at the bar, in a restaurant, and even in your office! Furthermore, you can use smokeless cigarettes at home without leaving behind smoke residue or that terrible stale smell. If you have kids, or elderly parents around they won’t be exposed to the harmful affects of second hand smoke.

Smokeless Cigarette Cartridges

v2cartsAnother great feature of electronic cigarettes are the flavored e liquid cartridges that come with every new order. There are basically two different kinds of cartridges, refillable and disposable.  Because of the convenience, the most popular is the disposable type. Most of the electronic cigarettes manufacturers are moving in the direction of using disposable cartridges in their newer models. The advantage is that you do not have to carry around a small bottle of e liquid to refill your electronic cigarette when you run out. Instead you just install a new disposable cartridge and you’re quickly able to use your e cigarette. E liquid cartridges often come in many different flavors such as cherry, menthol, orange, vanilla, mint, blueberry, strawberry, and many more. They also can be ordered with different nicotine strengths such as full, medium, light, and none. The refillable type of cartridge offers many of the same features of the disposable, however the user must take the time to manually refill the e liquid cartridge tank.

A feature unique to the smokeless cigarette industry is the ability of the electronic cigarette to function even when using a low or non-nicotine e liquid. This great feature, allows a user, the freedom to individually customize the amount of nicotine they want to have. The non-nicotine option allows the smoker to enjoy the sensation and appearance of smoking, without the addictive properties or potential health hazards associated with tobacco use. This is a perfect solution to for smokers who may have stepped down from stronger nicotine levels but who still wish to have the physical comfort of holding and using a cigarette. While the smokeless cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, the flavors strengths are not only for personal preference but also in some cases have been reported to help people quit smoking all together. It is important to note that electronic cigarettes are not approved smoking cessation devices, and no official studies have been done to suggest that they may be suitable as a device used to quit smoking.

Smokeless Cigarettes produce much of the same sensation and oral satisfaction that many smokers desire, thus making electronic cigarettes a very pragmatic, convenient and comfortable option. When you take a draw off an electronic cigarette you actually inhale water vapor, so when you exhale it looks and feels like smoke but as we know already it is actually a much different alternative.

The popularity of smokeless cigarettes continues to increase, as more smoking bans are created and more evidence of traditional cigarettes destructive forces are uncovered. Numerous new manufacturers and brands entered the market in 2012 and several more will arrive in 2013. The variety of options, open the user to get a high quality smokeless cigarette is much greater than it was just a few short years ago.  Some celebrities, and talk show hosts have been seen using their smokeless cigarettes in public, which has also increased the popularity of the electronic cigarette. Once thought to be a simple new fad, the smokeless electronic cigarette is far more convenient, often much less expensive and frequently less of an imposition on the people around you, to be considered a short lived trend. It is clear that smokeless cigarettes continue to improve and that they are going to be around for many years to come.

Finding The Right Smokeless Cigarettes

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