Smokeless Cigarettes – A Hit with Celebrities

katherineheiglecigSmokeless cigarettes are in the news and talked about in celebrity circles more and more every day. It seems that even Hollywood is getting into the electronic cigarette as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Lately several high profile celebrities have been seen with their e-cigs and some have even taken to discussing them on national television and radio shows.

Popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently discussed his electronic cigarette
usage on his program. It seems Rush was asked not to smoke while at a fancy restaurant and had to inform the owner that he was actually using a water vapor cigarette and not a traditional tobacco cigarette. Rush showed him the smokeless cigarette and the owner agreed that this was fine .

Katherine Heigl, one of Hollywood’s most in demand actresses and the star of the hit show “Gray’s Anatomy” appeared on the David Letterman show and talked about her smokeless cigarette usage. She even offered it to David, who also took a puff . Katherine said she has tried numerous times to quit smoking altogether and nothing has worked for her. She’s even tried the new drug Chantix to no avail. She said that she is not promoting anything and did want to encourage people to smoke however she enjoys the use of her smokeless cigarette and carries it with her.

Smokeless cigarettes, or water vapor cigarettes as they are sometimes called are gaining more acceptance in the United States because they offer a way for smokers to live within the guidelines of non-smoking areas like restaurants and airports and still be able to use a nicotine product. The water vapor from an electronic cigarette is infused with nicotine when the user inhales, but is generally not considered harmful to other human beings the way second hand smoke is. Because smoking and the concern over second hand smoke is probably more regulated in the Unites States than any other country the popularity of smokeless cigarettes grows faster than in other countries.

lindsaylohanecigaretteAlthough you can find e-cigs in a local smoke shop, the most popular way to buy them is online. This is because most smoke shops want to sell their traditional tobacco products and therefore do not offer the extensive selection of smokeless cigarettes that retailers on the web do. Celebrities, probably find that is more convenient to purchase water vapor cigarettes online as they can order exactly what they want, when they want.

With the continued popularity of smokeless cigarettes growing like it has, it’s no wonder that Hollywood is getting into the act.

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