The Dawn of the Smokeless Cigarette

dawn of electronic cigarettesCould it be that a new product has finally come along that can give you the satisfaction of a cigarette without all the tar and numerous carcinogens?  It seems smokers have been searching for alternatives to smoking for years and really haven’t found the answer.

However micro electronics and customized manufacturing have created the solution many smokers have been looking for.  The dawn of the smokeless cigarette is here!

Let me explain.  A smokeless cigarette is actually a device that looks much like a real cigarette and you use it as you would a real cigarette, putting up to your mouth and taking a drag; however, it is without many of the negative issues that occur when you actually smoke.  The device is really a type of vaporizer.  You could call it an electronic cigarette.  The smokeless cigarette contains a battery and a cartridge filled with your choice of flavored or non-flavored nicotine. When you “take a drag” on it you actually get a flavored vapor that is both satisfying, and smoke free!

No more tar!  No more burning!  No more bad breath!  No more smelly clothes!

You can use it on airplanes, in non-smoking restaurants, or non-smoking offices because while it look like smoke it, and it gives you all the satisfaction of smoking you are not actually smoking!  Amazing technology.

Going Smokeless Saves Money!

Saving money is on the mind of many people these days.  With the economy like it is who wants to spend more than they have too?  Smokeless cigarettes provide the cost savings advantages that smokers are looking for.  Users report that they have saved hundreds of dollars over the cost of purchasing real cigarettes.   Smokeless cigarettes, sometimes referred to as electronic cigarettes or ecigs also have the advantage of being much cleaner.  They do not cause your car to smell or the windows to cloud up.  They are not going to make your teeth or your fingers yellow.  You also will not have to have your smoke smelling clothes dry cleaned as often.

There are other advantages as well.

Imagine if you are an office worker who regularly needs to go outside to take a smoke break.  You anxiously wait for the moment, getting ready to head for the door as soon as you are allowed. Cigarettes ready, lighter, coat.

Your colleges may not say anything but they often will question whether you are working as hard as they are. What does the boss think?

With an electronic cigarette, you can sit at your work station an enjoy the satisfaction of a the smokeless experience, while concentrating on your work.  You will feel better knowing you can enjoy your smokeless cigarette at almost anytime, indoors and out.   Additionally, since a smokeless cigarette uses a battery, there is no need for a lighter.

How many times have you searched for a pack of matches or that trusty lighter only to find that you misplaced them?  Nothing burns when using an electronic cigarette.  Too often we hear of fires started by smokers who lit a cigarette and let it burning only to find it started the entire house on fire.  These are just a few of the advantages of the smokeless cigarette.

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