Mini Electronic Cigarettes

A Mini Electronic Cigarette enables traditional smokers to enjoy a realistic smoking experience without all the adverse effects of traditional cigarettes.  A mini electronic cigarette or mini e-cigarette is just like electric cigarettes except that it is smaller and more compact.

The appeal of mini electronic cigarettes has to do with health and cost-efficiency. Because of the recent increased cost of cigarettes, smokers who want to continue smoking are looking for a more financially sound way to continue their habit. Mini electronic cigarettes re-usability saves money but still offers the user the experience of smoking a cigarette.  Some estimates have put the cost-savings of using electronic cigarettes at or near 80 percent savings than smoking traditional cigarettes.

In addition, mini electronic cigarettes are smoke and tar free.  Since they are believed to not emit any carcinogenic substances, they are generally recognized safe for the user and those around them.  Although there is some debate about the substances contained in them, the American Association of Public Health Physicians has come out in support of electronic cigarettes. The organization believes that the effects of second-hand smoke will be significantly decreased using electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes feature an authentic traditional cigarette look making it difficult to tell the difference between them.  Mini electronic cigarettes can also be used as alternatives for other smoked tobacco products, like skinny cigars and small pipes.

How do They Work?

An electric cigarette is comprised of three basic components: – a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge.  The electronic cigarette vaporizes a unique liquid solution called “e-liquid.” The liquid is stored in the cartridge and is sold in varying nicotine strengths and flavors that mimic a traditional smoking experience.  The contents of the e-liquid vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

When the smoker inhales from the mouthpiece of a mini electronic cigarette, a sensor is activated, which alerts the heating atomizer to heat up the e-liquid.  The e-liquid then turns into a vapor that is inhaled.  The inhaled vapor provides a similar taste and sensation just like those experienced in a traditional cigarette, pipe or cigar.  The difference is that there is no smoke or combustion involved in the experience of using an electric cigarette.

When the user exhales the vapor, it looks and feels just like exhaling through a traditional cigarette.  The vapor that is exhaled is odorless and smokeless.  In addition, the cigarette is affixed with a small LED light at the bottom of the electric stick, which lights up upon inhalation, just like a the embers of a traditional cigarette.

Mini electronic cigarettes come in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors like traditional menthol to flavors like apple, strawberry, coffee or vanilla.  They are generally found in kits that include the electronic cigarette, batteries, a cartridge, a charger, a power line and instruction manual.

Mini Electronic cigarettes are meant only for adults and should not be used by those under the age of 18.  If you’re looking for a mini electronic cigarette, check out White Cloud electronic cigarettes by clicking the banner below – this is a great, compact electronic cigarette.


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