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E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, electronic cigs, – whatever name they go by, electronic cigarettes are gaining strong popularity as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigs offer all the look and feel of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without many of the adverse health effects. But it’s not just their health aspects that are appealing, but rather the way in which they look just like traditional cigarettes. In fact, the resemblance between a real cigarette and an electronic cigarette is so similar that people, smokers and nonsmokers, cannot tell the difference between an electronic cig and a traditional one. It is the electronic cigs long and thin tube that makes it resemble a traditional cigarette and provides the individual with the illusion that they are smoking a real cigarette.

Since the fifties, when the perils smoking were made known, smoking rates have been decreasing. But over the past few years, the number of Americans who smoke has stayed steady, averaging around 20 percent or one in five Americans.  Those that do smoke are searching for a safer way to still enjoy their habit, but not be harmed by many of smoking negative side effects.

The revolutionary creation of the electronic cig offers smokers a chance to enjoy the experience of smoking without dealing with many of the unhealthy consequences and its lingering smell.

An electronic cig is comprised of a battery-powered device that allows the user to inhale doses of a nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. Electronic cigs can also be used as a substitute for other smoked tobacco products like cigars and pipes.

The inhaled vapor provides a similar taste and sensation just like those experienced in a traditional smoking device. The only difference is that there is no smoke or combustion involved, because they are smoke and tar-free, thereby reducing some of its respiratory effects and reducing the risk for secondhand smoke.

How the Electronic Cig Works

When the user inhales through the mouthpiece, a sensor is engaged that activates the heating element. This heating component then warms the nicotine solution, which produces a vapor that is then inhaled by the smoker. When the smoker exhales, an odorless and smokeless mist is emitted. Electronic cigs are also affixed with an LED light at the bottom of the device. The light illumines upon inhalation, just like the embers of a traditional cigarette.

Electronic cigs can come in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors. An individual can choose among the classic flavor to flavors like menthol, vanilla, coffee, apple, and others.

Most electronic cigs are reusable, whereby the individual can purchase the replaceable and refillable parts when needed. Just recently, disposable electric cigarettes were created. These offer the equivalence of smoking two packs of cigarettes, making it a cost-effective solution for the ever increasing price of cigarettes.

Both kinds of electric cigarettes, reusable and disposable, contain the same basic features of a mouthpiece, a heating element, electronic circuits and a rechargeable battery.

Where to Buy E Cigarettes

Those who want to test out electronic cigs may have to search a bit harder than just their typical convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores. Very few of these venues sell electronic cigs. They can though be found at smoke shops, humidors on online stores that specialize in selling electric cigarettes. Online stores that sell electronic cigs also sell the accessories, parts and components that go along with them, such as batteries, travel packs, e-liquid, cartridges, atomizers and chargers.  If you are new to eCigs, we recommend trying V2.  Visit their website by clicking the banner below.

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While the safety of electronic cigs is still under scrutiny, the American Association of Public Health Physicians has come out in support of electronic cigarettes. The organization has stated that the effects of second-hand smoke can be significantly decreased using electronic cigarettes.

Electric cigarettes should only be used for adults over the age of 18. They are also not meant to be used as a smoking cessation produce or device.

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