Electronic Cigarette Comparison

comparisonChoosing the right electronic cigarette is a very personal choice. After all, you are purchasing a small electrical appliance to make your life easier and more convenient.

Just as in any other major purchase, the more informed you are the more likely you are to make the right selection in the first place. Ultimately the effort you put into research now will save you time and money in the future. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the products you’re considering and this quick review of the industries top brands is designed to save you time and effort when shopping for an electronic cigarette. You may want something smooth and dark, and with several charging options, whereas someone else may be looking for an e-cigarette that is light and sweet and easy to travel with. Other features such as cost, availability of accessories, battery life, flavor options and other considerations are important aspects, which can influence your decision. Featured below is a quick comparison of what we consider to be the top electronic cigarette companies in the market today. Read though it to help you choose the e-cigarette product that will be perfect for you.


V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Over A Million Smokers Have Switched to V2 Cigs!

  • The V2 e-cig company is widely considered the absolute best both for value and quality and is among the fastest growing companies in the business. Currently they are considered the number one brand of electronic cigarette on the market and feature an extensive variety of affordable products. If you want to make a fast decision, with out doing much research on electronic cigarettes, you almost can’t make a mistake going with V2 cigs.
  • The kits offered by this company begin with the Economy set. This kit includes everything a new user might need to experiment with electronic cigarettes without having to make any additional purchases. V2 cigs has kept the cost low and offers an affordable, quality starter kit, which we can highly recommend.
  • This kit can be personalized, coming with your choice of colors and flavors.
  • V2 Cigs offers ten flavors, from the bold, traditional-cigarette replica “Cowboy” to unique specialty blends such as the newest addition, “Cola”.
  • Electronic cigarettes in this family range in nicotine content, beginning at a no-nicotine option and going all the way up to 1.8 mg, which is the same amount found in a full-strength traditional cigarette. This is great if your ultimate goal is to stop smoking all together.
  • Rechargeable battery with a long lifespan makes sure you are never without your e-cigarette.


Blu Cigs


  • Blu Cigs is also highly regarded for quality and value, offering solid products at reasonable prices.
  • Blu introduced the on-the-go charging technology that allows you to keep your e-cigarettes in a charging case as you carry them around with you.
  • The starter kit comes in either black or white, and contains all the necessary pieces to start using e-cigarettes.
  • Blu offers four flavors: cherry, coffee, menthol and traditional tobacco. The classic flavor is considered the most realistic tobacco flavor available in e-cigarettes.
  • There are also four nicotine levels available. These include Full-Flavor, Light, Ultra Light and Non-nicotine. The strengths closely resemble the traditional cigarette strengths with which they coordinate.
  • This e-cigarette has a very sensitive atomizer, which means that even a gentle pull will result in a full, satisfying vapor effect.


Green Smoke


  • Greensmoke has been around for longer than most other electronic cigarette companies, giving it time to perfect the art of the electronic cigarette. The quality of the Greensmoke product is equal to the quality you will find in other top brands listed here.
  • Though not quite, as customizable as other e-cigarettes from other companies, Greensmoke products do come with a choice of either a green glowing tip or a red glowing tip that more closely resembles smoking a traditional cigarette.
  • Greensmoke does some new fancy flavors, in addition to traditional flavors including Full-Flavor, Ultra Light and Menthol. In addition, their FlavorMax cartomizers come in five different nicotine levels ranging from zero to 2.4% (strong).
  • The starter kit of this company comes with a choice of a short lithium ion battery or a long version.


Smoke Tip

SmokeTip - The Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette

  • This is a very popular company receiving great customer reviews for both its features and cost.
  • The nicotine vapor provided in these e-cigarettes is strong and filling, making it a very satisfying smoking experience.
  • SmokeTip offers only two flavors, Regular and Menthol. These flavors, though, are done extremely well and nearly replicate the flavor of traditional cigarettes of these types.
  • Strength options include 16 mg, 12 mg and 6 mg, which correspond to Regular, Light and Ultra Light traditional cigarettes respectively.
  • The customizable battery options emit different colors of LED light from the tip of the e-cigarette when you take a puff. You can choose either an orange or blue glow.


Volcano E-Cig

  • A relatively new addition to the e-cigarette industry, Volcano has received high reviews and many celebrity endorsements.
  • The Volcano e-cigarette is considerably larger than products from other companies, which is a detractor for some looking for the style of a traditional cigarette.
  • Volcano offers many flavor options including a traditional tobacco flavor, menthol, cherry, pineapple, coconut, chocolate, vanilla, watermelon and blueberry. They also offer flavored juice that can be used with empty cartridges to completely customize your e-cigarette.
  • Each refill cartridge is approximately the equivalent of a pack of traditional cigarettes. Meaning, however long it takes you to smoke a pack of cigarettes, this is how long your cartridge will last. With prices as low as $2 per 5-cartridge pack, however, your smoking cost will reduce dramatically.
  • This company offers several varieties of kits to meet your electronic smoking needs.

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