Electronic Cigarette Companies Offer Smoking Alternatives

eciggrlThe state of the tobacco industry is evolving as electronic cigarette companies gain market share in the traditionally old school cigarette industry. In the grand scheme of things a few years is just a drop in the bucket on the time line of change, however a few short years is all it has taken for a handful of electronic cigarette companies to become a popular alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

The first smokeless cigarettes started appearing in the marketplace nearly seven years ago and were first produced in China. The very first electronic cigarette was sold in May 2004 and was developed by Hon Lik for a Beijing, China based electronic cigarette company; called Ruyan. The company has established itself as leaders and innovators in the electronic cigarette industry and has been steadily growing in popularity since their start.

In April of 2006 the Ruyan Company brought the electronic cigarette to Europe and officially launched it at their Overseas Promotion Conference, which was being held in Austria. Shortly afterward smokeless cigarettes were adapted to European markets and began arriving in the United Kingdom.


Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Although the Green Smoke electronic cigarette company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, the company also operates the Green Smoke UK website and has been in business for several years. Green Smoke prides itself on high quality customer service and with the help of an international sales team ships their products worldwide. The number of smokers switching to smokeless cigarettes in the United Kingdom has grown exponentially since the products first introduction in to the country.

Once the Europe market was started it didn’t take long before electronic cigarette companies like Blu Cigs began to appear in the United States. Australian born Jason Healy and a group of investors began Blu Cigs in May of 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina. In an article that appears on the Blu Cigs website Healy said that within just a few weeks, sales exceeded 2000 starter kits a day. Since their start Blu Cigs has grown tremendously and continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in the smokeless cigarette business. The Blu Cigs starter kit is perhaps one of the best selling among all of the electronic cigarette companies.

Another electronic cigarette company that has certainly enjoyed success in the United States market is Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes. The principal founding member Mr. Cory N. Smith started the company in July of 2009. Volcano ecigs is located in Honolulu, Hawaii and is possibly among the top 5 of the fastest growing electronic cigarette companies around. Recently Rush Limbaugh, the famed radio talk show host, promoted the Volcano Magma electronic cigarette on his show and the ensuing traffic overwhelmed the Volcano ecigs website. Rush mentioned that he is trying to cut down on his cigar usage and uses the Volcano Magma to help him. Rush also said that he did not want to wear a patch and that he doesn’t normally chew gum, so he chooses to use a smokeless cigarette.

An estimate of the number of regular users of an electronic cigarette by the Electronic Cigarette Association puts the number at 300,000 in October of 2009. Some industry observers think this is a very conservative number and believe the actual number is much higher. It has been reported that world wide sales of electronic cigarettes exceeds 100 million dollars and is expected to increase at a faster rate each year for the near future. With the number of traditional tobacco cigarette users estimated to be 1.2 billion worldwide and nearly 45 million in the United States alone the overall potential market for electronic cigarette companies is in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

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